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Why Opt for Lyceum

In its constant pursuit of betterment, Lyceum has got its CORE COMMITTEE for a flawless Academic & Professional Management of the Institution comprising the CEO and 4 other Administrators. They exchange their views in the administrative meetings for a superior quality, education policy, drawing up plans and their effective implementation.

Many of our pupils are well paced in Govt. and Private sectors after successful completion of our academic courses, ably aided by our novel teaching methodology, turning our class rooms into Learning Zones. Some of the Scholarly Pupils have joined us as faculty members, too.

In its mission of Social Expansion & reaching out to the needy pupils in and around Tollygunge, LYCEUM Materialized its 2nd academic venture-REQUIREMENTS to cater to the academic taste of all with Books, ranging from the syllabic ones to the stories & novels on Science, Adventure, History, Mystery & Fictions & other educational stationeries

Lyceum CEO Mr. Tanmoy Dutta always envisages the best and the latest educational methodology to keep the pupils updated and upgraded. That's why, Mr. Dutta visualizes some excellent and one of its kind upcoming projects for LYCEUM, namely: