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Lyceum boasts of a very competent, experienced & the most eligible faculty to impart education on different aspects of the academic as well as holistic curriculum. The academic staff comprises.


Mr. Tanmoy Dutta(Principal & CEO)

(Accountancy, Costing & Taxation - HS Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Direct & Indirect Taxation - Graduation), HS (Commerce) Section

Mr. Sujit Bhattacharya

Bengali & Political Science
(HS & Graduation)

Mr. Subhajit Sarkar

(Economics – HS & Graduation
Mathematics & Statistics – Graduation)
Under-Graduate (Commerce) Section

Mr. Biswajit Dey

(HS & Graduation)
Under-Graduate (Arts) Section

Mr. Ranjit Dey

(History – Class – VIII, Madhyamik, HS & Graduation
Philosophy - HS & Graduation)
Secondary & HS (Arts) Section

Mr. Subhankar Ganguly

(English – HS & Graduation,
English for Specific Purpose)

Mrs. Ananya Basu

Geography(Class – VIII, Madhyamik & HS)

Mr. Bimal Ghosh

Sanskrit(Class – VIII & HS)

Mrs. Kalpana Sengupta

Home Management
& Family Resource Management – HS

Mr. Gopal Dutta

Mathematics & Physical Science Madhyamik

Mr. Anup Kumar Mishra

Life Science Class – VIII, Madhyamik

Mr. Purna Chandra Chakraborty

English Class – VIII, Madhyamik

Mrs. Rakhi Mallick

Bengali Madhyamik

Mr. Binoy Goswami

Mathematics & Physical Science – Class VIII

Mrs. Gouri Bagchi

Bengali – Class VIII

Miss. Moumita Goswami

Sociology Graduation

Mr. Subhrojit Bagchi

(Business Studies, Commercial Law & Preliminaries of Auditing, Modern Computer Application – HS PPMBC, BRF, PMEC, IT - Graduation)

Mr. Samik Chakraborty

(Environmental Studies – HS Geography - Graduation)


Mr. Sukhendu Karmakar

(Front Office Manager)

Mr. Barun Sadhukhan


Mr. Sanjoy Seal


Mr. Sandip Sadhukhan